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 "I feel lyrics, in the music industry

are undervalued.

I want to show people how I see them,

as emotional currency...."

The Forever Fox© - Chelene

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* The Forever Fox© - Chelene, is a UK based Lyricist/Ghostwriter/Writer

* Member of the International Guild of Songwriters and Composers (GISC) and The International Singer Songwriters Association (IASS)

* Semi Finalist - Songwriting Competition 2021 for multiple lyrics.

* Writes lyrics for: Pop, Rap, Rock, Folk, Country and Children’s songs. 

* Lyrics that offer poetic nuances, strong hooks and imagery.

* Lyrics available at :

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The Forever Fox© - Chelene

I got into writing lyrics, to fill what I feel is a gap in the music industry.

In my humble opinion some musician's build this beautiful melody, only to force in or bulk out the melody with emotionally empty lyrics.

Lyrics are the part of the song that gets “stuck in your head”. I feel many of the songs that used to get stuck in my head, are less frequent.

People today, especially the youth are caught in confusing times and want something to help them express their feelings. There, is still no better art form than music for expressing feelings. 

I want to reignite the importance of lyrics (story-telling) in song...

Like how emotionally rich words influence poetry, or how the weight and power of slave song influenced today’s music and how, Neil Young and Bob Dylan wrote vivid stories into their songs which still linger, powerfully. 

I want to remind the music industry, of the forgotten power of words...

I want to awaken in the listener deep emotions, through the potent combination of strong words and beautiful sounds.


I want to demonstrate to musicians, that when they use strong lyrics as a foundation to build their beautiful melody, a song can have even more power and magic.

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With The Forever Fox© - Chelene

Most of the music we listen to today comes from the influence of poetry, Pagan-Wicca spell casting, and slave song. From genres such as rhythm blues, jazz, rock, country music and classical music. 

My influence in writing lyrics comes from three places...

The first being poetry.

Poetry and eisteddfod ‘s were some of the earliest forms of lyric music. Modern lyric music, owes much of its praise to the roots of poetry. Poetry for me is powerful, because of the strong imagery it creates in the reader just using words. 

I feel we often forget that lyrics, are modern day poetry or storytelling. 

The second influence is children’s nursery rhymes.

I feel some of one of the most whimsical and impactful rhyming songs of all time, are children’s nursery rhymes. Timeless and on point with strong hooks. I really enjoy how they play with words, and are some of the catchiest lyrics of all time.

The third influence is the deeply sad story of the stolen people, of the slave trade.

These people used words to express their feelings of sorrow, joy, inspiration or hope. Slave song really demonstrated the power of words in music as a form of therapy, or emotional escape. I feel many have forgotten, much of today’s music has its roots in slave song. Again showing the power of lyrics in song, even to this day. ​

I am sure you might agree, lyrics are often the part of a song that stays with you the most. A bit like a spell cast over your mind. Words are the part of the song that gets “stuck in your head” …

Lyrics are becoming more popular for listeners to google through places like

Young people use lyrics in parts of social media messages to convey emotions that can be difficult to understand in youth.

Music is the only art form so powerful; it can carry a person through all the complexities of life, emotions of love, desire, rage and fear. No other form of art can be so well connected with a person through every stage of life. In such a way, it can comfort or carry them like a vessel and effect their feelings so deeply.

Words are magical, and when used in the right way, can leave a profound and lasting effect on a person.

I really want to renew people’s interest in lyrics to see them way I do, emotional currency…

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  • Prefab Lyrics - Pre-written for purchase.

  • Custom Lyric Service - Written and tailored especially for your work. 

  • Custom Ghostwriting Service - Written discreetly on your behalf, fully signed over to your brand.

  • Collaborative Ghostwriting Service - Enhancing existing written work, for those with writers block. 

  • General writing for : Advertising Publications, Blog post enhancements, Script enhancements (Film or Theatre), Book enhancements, Website content enhancements, Social media content etc

  • Examples of my writing styles - A Small amount of published lyrics from my collection can be found here

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